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Hello my friends,

a new project will begin.

I start with a t-shirt shop, so the people can have my artworks on her shirts, but on posters, cups and much more, too.

The first design is in work, i want to make 5 shirts until i start with the shop.

I am going to tell you, when the shop is online!

Hello my fans,

i can give you a few really great news.

Very much people had fav me and had given comments to my artworks.

My statistics said, that one artwork is very interesting for my watchers: Dresea Carmorel.

I did not think that this work will be so much famous. But now, the statistic show, the most of people loves it!

Thank you very much for 84 favs!
That makes me really happy and i have so much desire to make more artworks!

Then i saw, that my work Mecha Delicious has the most of comments.

So i can make you e very nice surprise: The Mecha Series will go on! From time to time, i will introduce more and more industrial and cyborg artworks! The next will arrive in a few days.

Thank you for so much happiness and aid!

3D Avatar (max. size 400 x 400 pixel): 13 $
3D Fullpicture (max. size 800 x 800 pixel): 19 $
Every 200 pixel more: 5 $

Other arts & designs on request.


- the copyright stays by me - i can show these works wherever i want.
- you can pay only per paypal.
- you have five days time to pay. If you don´t pay or too late, you don´t get any copyright for this work.
- you don´t have the work claim as yours.
- when it´s possible, advise me as the artist.
- nudity, heavy dark art, or the like, only for persons over 18 years. You have to give a certificate.
- the "work in progress" comprised two works. That means, that I will only one time change something on the work. More works only for extra charge.
- when you want to have content which i don´t feature, you have to accept alternatives, or you have to pay for the content you want.
- I cannot conform every wish. But I´ll try to do my best to search for content or other solutions.

Changes reserve.
Hello friends!

It´s time to make a change now!

From today, you can give me commissions to make YOUR arts and design!

Look at my art gallery and be inspired to get your own 3D picture or avatar!

You´ll find the rules and prices in my journal, too.

Hope to see YOU!
Hello my friends,

to create a own character is much work. Very much work.

In the time i work on it, i release my first own clothes textures - for the B25 Winter Dress.

At the next days, i will make all of them ready to release.

What a design for and how much textures, that i will make public, when they are for sale

at Renderocity.

Your Ven
Hello Friends,

now, it will be earnestly.

So much time i spent in my 3D artpictures, so much Characterpackets i bought and used.

Now, it is time to create my own Character. It will be a copy of me and carry my name.

I get helping from a good renderfriend, that is so nice! I thank her on this official way.

Wish me luck to be successfull!

Your Vendetta
Hello @ all my friends

Now it is time to create the first Deviant ID. I want to preview my site, my art, my without a nice ID?

I tasted some different styles, but i don´t know what i should need, yet.

What say YOU? What is your fav of style for preview me?

Dark-Art? Fantasy? Glamour? Nudity?

Help me and leave your comments!

I am very happy about that my works find so much friends. In the last weeks, so much people fav my pics and leave comments.

But which is the most famous of all?

Its Lolita!

I am very surprise about, cause Lolita was only a test for a new hair model.

That shows me, that tests can be good the same as others, not only the real complex works.

I hope, the friends will stay and a lot of future works will find appeal!
I made a few new arts..
One of them will be submit in the evening. It will be a nudity, so that only people 18 or older can see it.
But for all younger people: you can be happy about other new arts, they will be submit day after day...hope you will enjoy it!